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The Humble Pack

A tasty three pack of our Good Lookin Sauces. Not sure which one to get? Why not just snag all three?


1 - Cayenne Ya Handle It - Delicious punch of curry and cayenne peppers. Add it to eggs, chicken wings, and well... everything else. Fantastic all around sauce! Not too spicy

  • 5oz bottle of hot sauce. Made with white wine vinegar, cayenne peppers, and curry spices.


1 - Mango Me Crazy - Sweet heat of Mangos and Red Caribbean Habaneros. Don't let the sweetness fool you, this has got some fire behind it! Add it to pizza, pork, tacos, rice dishes, or anything that needs some sweet spicy heat!

  • 5oz bottle of hot sauce. Made with white wine vinegar, mangos, pineapple, and red caribbean habaneros.


1 - Cheeky Chipotle - Smokey sweet deliciousness that elevates any dish to the finest of barbeque. Honey with savory chipotle peppers. Honestly, we haven't found anything that this is NOT good on

  • 5oz bottle of hot sauce. Made with apple cider vinegar, chipotle mash, jalapeno mash, honey, onion powder, garlic powder, and xanthan gum

The Humble Pack

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