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Savvy Adventure Pack

Looking for a spicy adventure? Look no further than our Savy Adventure Pack hot sauce set!


Pick three of your favorite hot sauces from our selection of bold and flavorful options. This set is perfect for the heat-seeking foodie in your life or as a treat for yourself.


Explore new flavor combinations with each bottle and create your own hot sauce journey.


Savvy Adventure Pack

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The Sweet OG - white vinegar, onions, red jalapeno puree, garlic, sugar, salt, onion powder, pepper, xanthan gum


Cayenne Ya Handle It - white wine vinegar, cayenne peppers, black pepper and curry


Cheeky Chipotle - apple cider vinegar, chipotle mash, jalapeno mash, honey, onion powder, garlic powder, and xanthan gum


Mango Me Crazy - white wine vinegar, mangos, pineapple, red caribbean habaneros, salt, and cardamom


Ginger and Juice - orange juice, rice wine vinegar, sugar, shallots, red savina puree, garlic, butter flavor, salt, ginger, xanthan gum


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